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What Is CDRP – EN ?

CDRP-EN is a project supported by Erasmus + Ka2 action. The curriculum will be developed for the rapid prototyping course in engineering education.

What Is Aim Of The CDRP-EN ?

To establish an education curriculum for a common rapid prototyping among the engineering faculties at which rapid prototyping education is given.

What Is Goal Of The CDRP-EN ?

Promote using rapid prototyping approaches in engineering processes on an international scale. Generate hard and soft documents to be used in education processes.



Innovative Approaches in Additive Manufacturing Congress (IA4AM) will be organized as a hybrid (both online and face to face) on July 16th 2021.

Face to face sessions will be held in Ankara-Turkey for those who wish to make a face to face presentation at the congress.

Innovative Approaches in Additive Manufacturing Congress (IA4AM): Call for Papers


Product Desıgn
RP Process

Rapid Prototyping Is A New Technology Used To Quickly Fabricate A Scale Model Of A Physical Part Or Assembly Using Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design Data.

With RP, the production process is performed within hours and the prototypes obtained can be tested both visually and functionally. Possible design changes are decided on these prototypes and necessary changes are applied quickly.

  • Visual Product Presentation

    Visual inspection of the product and possible form errors can be observed.

  • Fast Production / Rapid Prototyping

    This process can take days or even weeks when done with traditional methods.

  • Future Production Technology

    It offers the designer the ability to select a wide range of materials that vary in thermal and mechanical properties.

A New Product Design Process Has Emerged Which Will Provide The Structural Requirements Of The Products And Will Not Impair The Visual Aesthetics Of The Products.

The product-based design process has changed due to the change in the production process. Topological optimization approaches are at the beginning of these changes. A new product design process has emerged which will provide the structural requirements of the products and will not impair the visual aesthetics of the products.

  • Providing Unlimited Working Space For Designer

    RP technologies have many advantages such as not having too many constraints according to classical manufacturing methods, requiring no special gauge / mold like tools and providing very fast solution especially in prototype applications.

  • Topologic Optimization

    The optimum design of the parts is determined according to the structural requirements.

3D Printer And Production

The RP process has many different manufacturing processes. The most important issues affecting the production process are quality and material changes. Commonly used techniques are:


  • 3D printing (3DP),
  • Ballistic particle manufacturing (BPM),
  • Directed light fabrication (DLF),
  • Direct-shell production casting (DSPC),
  • Fused deposition modelling (FDM),
  • Laminated object manufacturing (LOM),
  • Laminated resin printing (LRP),
  • Shape deposition manufacturing (SDM) (and Mold SDM),
  • Solid ground curing (SGC),
  • Selective laser sintering (SLS),
  • Selective laser melting (SLM),
  • Stereo lithography (SLA).

News from the project


On-line-meeting I

We held the on-line meeting of the CDRP-EN. We talked with our partners about the current status of the project. We discussed the negative impact of the pandemic on the studies and decided on our new roadmap.
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On line meeting II

On Monday, April 12, 2021 We held the 3th. on-line meeting of the CDRP-EN. We talked with our partners about the current status of the project. We talked about the details of the winter school activity. We discussed the negative impact of the pandemic on the studies and decided on our new roadmap.
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LTTA Meeting – Turkey

Learning / Teaching / Training Activity (LTTA- C1):  Reviewing of RP Curriculum and actual RP technologies Learning / Teaching / Training activity of CDRP-Project was helded between 15-17 July 2019 in Turkey.The basic purpose of the event is to review the curriculum already used in RP education in project’s partner countries.  Within the event, curriculums of...
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Kick – Off Meeting

The 1st Transnational Partner Meeting of the CDRP-EN (Project no. 2018-1-TR01-KA203-059739 project was held in Malta on 14-16 March with the participation of the following project partners. OrganizationGazi UniversityAssociation of AcademiciansDanmar Computers LLCLudor Engineering SRLGodesk SRLEvropska Rozvojova Agentura SROUniversitatea  Politehnica din BucurestiMacdac Engineering ConcultancyParantez Technology LTD This meeting was intended to meet and determine the overall...
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