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Thematic Intensive Course I


Turkey time zone19.04.2021 (Mon)20.04.2021 (Tue)21.04.2021 (Wed)22.04.2021 (Thu)23.04.2021 (Fri)
11:00 – 11:40Opening  Current TechniquesRP MaterialsMolding: Case StudyFuture/Challenges
11:40-11:50Break timeBreak timeBreak timeBreak timeBreak time
11:50-12:30What is RPCurrent TechniquesRP MaterialsMolding: Case StudyCase study 1
13:30-14:10Rapid ToolingType of RP processesReverse Engineering (RE)Design Based RPCase study 2
14:10-14:20Break timeBreak timeBreak timeBreak timeBreak time
14:20-15:00Rapid ToolingType of RP processesRE: Case StudyIndust. PerspectiveClosing

To measure the performance of the curriculum modules developed, Intensive Course (IC) activities will be carried out. The trainings will be held online between 19-23 April 2021.

The students participating in wthe course will be tested and their level of knowledge in RP technologies will be determined.

Within the educations to be provided in the IC, the below activities will be conducted.

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A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the five-day course. The course is aimed at Undergraduate students of Engineering faculties.


Dear Participants,

Thematic Intensive Course I (TIC-I) registrations have been completed. The activity attracted a great deal of attention. 

Thematic Intensive Course II (TIC-II) event will be held between 31 May – 4 June 2021. The event will have similar content to TIC-I.

Those who missed the course registration can enroll in the thematic intensive course II. 
Thank you for your interest.