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LTTA Meeting I

Learning / Teaching / Training Activity (LTTA- C1):  Reviewing of RP Curriculum and actual RP technologies

Learning / Teaching / Training activity of CDRP-Project was helded between 15-17 July 2019 in Turkey.

The basic purpose of the event is to review the curriculum already used in RP education in project’s partner countries.  Within the event, curriculums of the engineering faculties in the targeted countries were reviewed and countries with and without curriculums were determined.

For the ones with curriculums, what needs to be done in relation to updates were discussed, minimum requirements for a new curriculum to be developed and targeted achievements were determined. 

Also, the activity in which status of the RP technologies in the world and project’s stakeholder countries were evaluated.   At the events, awareness were established in the participants through the presentations listed below:

  • RP curriculums of the engineering faculties in the targeted countries
  • Requirement and target analysis for a new curriculum to be developed
  • Status of the RP technologies in the world and the stakeholder countries
  • The innovations introduced by RP into engineering activities within Industry 4.0  

RP Training Seminars (TS) were held on the 2nd and 3rd days of the events. These are as follows;

–    TS1: RP Implementations Used in Different Industrial Fields and The Future of 3D Printing
This training seminar were given by Mr. Davut Basaran who is Sales Manager of one of Turkey’s leading RP company +90 3D Digital Factory Company.

–   TS2: RP Applications in Medical and Aerospace Fields
This training seminar was also given by BTech Innovation which is the most important of the leading RP company. This company is heard with its studies in the field of medical and aerospace.

After this, together with our partners visited the Gazi University, which Turkey’s one of the largest universities. Within the scope of the visit, investigations were conducted in the RE (Reverse Engineering) and RP laboratories of the Faculty of Technology Industrial Design Engineering Department. During the visit, information was obtained about RP devices and technologies in the laboratories.

In addition, the current status of the project was reviewed at the meeting. The works to be realized in the project calendar were discussed. Within the scope of these studies:
–    Discussed of sub-topics of the curriculum chapters,
–    Discussing of the curriculum Book template,
–    Discussing of the Next Meeting.